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Dr. Vikas Hassija jiit
Dr. Vikas Hassija,
ACM Member
Postdoc Fellow,
School of Computing
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Dr. Vikas Hassija, Postdoc Researcher (NUS)

  +65 87431438
Date of Birth: 19 April 1987
Gender: Male

Publications Summary

• No. of SCI journals: 26,
• No. of papers in IEEE Journals/ Magazines (total): 16,
• No. of papers in IEEE Magazines (e.g. IEEE Communications mag., IEEE Network): 4,
• No. of papers in IEEE Transactions (e.g. TVT,TNSE,IoT Journal): 8,
• No. of papers in IEEE Communications survey and tutorial (Impact factor 22): 1
• No. of citations in google scholar: 1067


Journals (SCI indexed, IF: Impact factor) : Published

1. V. Hassija, V. Chamola, A. Agrawal, A. Goyal, NC Luong, D Niyato,Yu FR, and M. Guizani, " Fast, Reliable, and Secure Drone Communication: A Comprehensive Survey, IEEE Communications Survey and Tutorials, May. 2021 (Impact factor: 22).

2. V. Hassija, Batra S, Chamola V, Anand T, Goyal P, Goyal N, Guizani M. A blockchain and deep neural networks-based secure framework for enhanced crop protection. Ad Hoc Networks. 2021 Aug 1;119:102537. (Impact factor:4.1)

3. Chamola V, V. Hassija, Gupta S, Goyal A, Guizani M, Sikdar B. Disaster and pandemic management using machine learning: a survey. IEEE Internet of Things Journal. 2020 Dec 15. (Impact factor: 9.9)

4. V. Hassija, V. Chamola, N. Kumar and M. Guizani, "A Secure Framework for Government Tenders using Blockchain and Collective Signing, IEEE IoT Journal, Sept. 2019 (Impact factor: 9.9)

5. V. Hassija, V. Chamola, V. Gupta, S. Jain and N. Guizani, A Survey on Supply Chain Security: Application Areas, Security Threats, and Solution Architectures, IEEE IoT Journal, Sept. 2020, Accepted & In Press (Impact factor: 9.9)

6. P. Gorla, V. Chamola, V. Hassija, and D. Niyato, Network Slicing for 5G by State based Allocation Modelling and Blockchain Approach, IEEE Network , Accepted and in Press (Impact factor: 7.5)

7. V. Chamola, V. Hassija, B. Sikdar, N. Kumar, N. Ansari, Energy and Latency Aware Resource Management for Solar Powered Cellular Networks, IEEE Network , Sept. 2019 (Impact factor: 7.2)

8. G. Praveen, V. Chamola, V. Hassija and N. Kumar, Blockchain for 5G: A Prelude to Future Telecommunication, IEEE Network , Feb 2020 (Impact factor: 7.2)

9. P. Gorla, V. Chamola, V. Hassija, and N. Ansari, Blockchain Based Framework for Modeling and Evaluating 5G Spectrum Sharing, IEEE Network, Accepted and in Press (Impact factor: 7.5)

10. V. Hassija, V. Gupta, S. Garg and V. Chamola, Traffic Jam Probability Estimation based on Blockchain and Deep Neural Networks, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, March 2020 (Impact factor: 5.7)

11. V Chamola, V. Hassija, V Gupta, M Guizani, "A comprehensive review of the COVID-19 pandemic and the role of IoT, drones, AI, blockchain, and 5G in managing its impact", IEEE Access 90225-90265 (Impact factor: 3.3)

12. V. Hassija, V Chamola, V Saxena, D Jain, P Goyal, B Sikdar, "A survey on IoT security: application areas, security threats, and solution architectures", IEEE Access 82721-82743, 2019 (Impact factor: 3.3)

13. V. Hassija, V Chamola, S Garg, DNG Krishna, G Kaddoum, DNK Jayakody, A blockchain-based framework for lightweight data sharing and energy trading in V2G network , IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 69 (6), 5799-5812 March 2020 (Impact factor: 5.9)

14. V. Hassija, V Saxena, V Chamola, Scheduling drone charging for multi-drone network based on consensus time-stamp and game theory, Computer Communications 149, 51-61 53 2020 (Impact factor: 3.1)

15. V. Hassija, V Chamola, G Han, JJPC Rodrigues, M Guizani, "DAGIoV: A framework for vehicle to vehicle communication using directed acyclic graph and game theory" , IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 69 (4), 4182-4191 2020 (Impact factor: 5.9)

16. V. Hassija, V Chamola, DNG Krishna, M Guizani, "A distributed framework for energy trading between UAVs and charging stations for critical applications" , IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 69 (5), 5391-5402 (Impact factor: 5.9)

17. V. Hassija, V Saxena, V Chamola, FR Yu, "A parking slot allocation framework based on virtual voting and adaptive pricing algorithm" , IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 69 (6), 5945-5957 (Impact factor: 5.9)

18. HK Bharadwaj, A Agarwal, V Chamola, NR Lakkaniga,V. Hassija, "A review on the role of machine learning in enabling IoT based healthcare applications", IEEE Access 9, 38859-38890, 2021 (Impact factor: 3.3)

19. V. Hassija, V Saxena, V Chamola, "A mobile data offloading framework based on a combination of blockchain and virtual voting", Software: Practice and Experience" 51 (12), 2428-2445 26 2021 (Impact factor: 2.08)

20. V Hassija, V Chamola, S Zeadally, "BitFund: A blockchain-based crowd funding platform for future smart and connected nation", Sustainable Cities and Society 60, 102145, 2020 (Impact factor: 8.5)

21. V Hassija, V Chamola, BC Bajpai, S Zeadally, "Security issues in implantable medical devices: Fact or fiction?", Sustainable Cities and Society 66, 102552, 2021 (Impact factor: 8.5)

22. V Hassija, V Chamola, V Saxena, V Chanana, P Parashari, S Mumtaz, "Present landscape of quantum computing" IET Quantum Communication 1 (2), 42-48 9 2020

23. V Chamola, A Jolfaei, V Chanana, P Parashari, V. Hassija, "Scheduling drone charging for multi-drone network based on consensus time-stamp and game theory", Computer Communications 176, 99-118 2021 (Impact factor: 3.1)

24. V Hassija, G Bansal, V Chamola, N Kumar, M Guizani,"Secure lending: Blockchain and prospect theory-based decentralized credit scoring model" IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering 7 (4), 2566-2575 9 2020

25. V Hassija, V Chamola, A Goyal, SS Kanhere, N Guizani, "Forthcoming applications of quantum computing: peeking into the future" IET Quantum Communication 1 (2), 35-41 4 2020

26. A Tahiliani, V Hassija, V Chamola, SS Kanhere, M Guizani," Privacy-preserving and incentivized contact tracing for covid-19 using blockchain" IEEE Internet of Things Magazine 4 (3), 72-79 3 2021 (Impact factor: 9.9)

27. V Hassija, S Zeadally, I Jain, A Tahiliani, V Chamola, S Gupta," Framework for determining the suitability of blockchain: Criteria and issues to consider, Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies 32 (10), e4334 2021

28. T Thakur, A Mehra, V Hassija, V Chamola, R Srinivas, KK Gupta,"Smart water conservation through a machine learning and blockchain-enabled decentralized edge computing network , Applied Soft Computing 106, 107274 1 2021 (Impact factor: 6.7)

29. Vinay Chamola, Alireza Jolfaei, Vaibhav Chanana, Prakhar Parashari, V. Hassija, "Information security in the post quantum era for 5G and beyond networks: Threats to existing cryptography, and post-quantum cryptography", Computer Communications Volume 176, 2021, Pages 99-118, ISSN 0140-3664, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.comcom.2021.05.019. (Impact factor: 3.1)

30. V. Hassija, R Ratnakumar, V Chamola, S Agarwal, A Mehra, SS Kanhere, "A machine learning and blockchain based secure and cost-effective framework for minor medical consultations" Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems 35, 100651 2022 (Impact factor: 4.02)

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